Autocad excel link not updating

"I've been using tables in my projects from the very beginning, especially those that are software-created, such as sheet lists created by Auto CAD sheet sets or those created by the data-extraction functionality.

I seldom combine the extraction with Excel spreadsheets created by Auto CAD and take advantage of bidirectional Auto CAD–Excel links.

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This allows for additional formatting options for the Auto CAD Table.

Top of Page If you copy information between Excel or any program that supports OLE, such as Word, you can copy the information as either a linked object or an embedded object. Top of Page If you want the information in your destination file to be updated when the data in the source file changes, use linked objects.

The main differences between linked objects and embedded objects are where the data is stored and how the object is updated after you place it in the destination file. With a linked object, the original information remains stored in the source file.

So after testing various ways, I think that this method is a solid method.

In this scenario, we have engineers who need to update a drawing list that happens to be an excel file (.xlsx) and they would like to link this to Auto CAD so that when they make changes to the table, those changes are included in the Auto CAD file.