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Then suddenly one of those three started telling about my forehead (you have 3 lines blah-blah) and other person touched his feet and told me that he is blessed with this thing.Then they asked me for piece of paper and I made him sit in my room and he started telling so many things about me and my family like he was an astrologer. The other person made Neeraj sit in his room and telling the same things to him.But the latter had allegedly cut the call, never to be reached by the distraught father and police for the next two months.Police managed to nab Azam on Sunday morning at his residence by luring him into a trap laid by the parents with support of police.The 1955 Hindu marriage act does not make it mandatory to register the marriage but section 8(2) has made provisions to the state government to make marriage registrations mandatory and so have Maharashtra and Kerala taken full advantage of this section and now hope Karnataka too walks this way.

I gave them 250 rupees and then they also knocked the door of my neighbor Neeraj and he also gave them the money.

All this started was to curb the fake marriage bureaus involved in trafficking of women to Dubai or other countries in the name of marriage. Thinking compensation is a farfetched there are instances where these girls can’t file an fir in the absence of an official document supporting their marriage in some cases…, few women organizations that I interact with also show their helplessness in taking any action in such cases where girls elope and then land in trouble in case of husbands running away or absconding after a period of time or instances where men have married to two girls…

What I have noticed while handling many a cases is absence of this vital document makes it very difficult to file a case against a groom who has troubled her bride, cases of women harassment or violence against women has become very high now a days, while there are many fake cases filed only to trouble the poor husbands but there are few genuine cases too where in the husbands and the lawyers at the other end start the argument stating this women is not married to the guy at all… one in the community and the other where the girl has eloped there is no evidence to prove if there was a marriage done at all… There are instances cases where girls cannot claim the property left behind by their husbands in case of his demise and the only reason being there is no evidence of their marriage being on records….

They asked Neeraj for his Gold Chain and Gold Ring also when Neeraj also told no for the same , they told don’t lie you have money in your account it’s for good cause only.

Then the saddest thing is Neeraj got so much influenced by them he went till ATM withdraw the money and gave them 3K.