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(If you want a bottle to keep hot drinks hot, check out our guide to the best travel mug; and if you’re looking for something that holds a lot more water for outdoor sports, head over to our hydration packs guide.) Our new favorite insulated bottle is the Hydro Flask 24-Ounce Standard Mouth with BPA Free Flex Cap.

We also have two updated collapsible bottle recommendations, both from Platypus, including the Meta Bottle for planes and travel, and the Duo Lock Soft Bottle if you need one that folds down smaller.

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BLOB TOP (also referred to as "pony") soda bottles were sealed by a cork inserted into the mouth of the bottle.

The corks were held in place by either (1) wire fasteners attached directly under the blob top and swung into place over the top of the cork, or (2) a simple wire strand twisted around the neck below the blob top, looped over the top of the cork, and then again twisted around the neck below the blob top; GRAVITATING STOPPER bottles typically have narrow, tapered shoulders and are base-embossed with Matthews’ 1864 patent information.

ABM means the bottle was made by an automatic bottle machine after 1903.

Pyro is the shortened form of the word pyroglaze, an enameled lettering used on bottles after the mid-1930s.