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She is currently government minister of public administration and local government.

She studied in the US and graduated in Hull with a marketing MBA in 2001, before returning to Serbia to work in the wind power industry and then for US-funded development projects.

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Unlike previous years, the government worked closely with planners to prepare for the event, and police successfully protected the marchers despite widespread violent protests by extremist groups.

She will join a small number of gay prime ministers in Europe, including Leo Varadkar in the Republic of Ireland and Xavier Bettel in Luxembourg.

Brnabić will succeed Aleksandar Vucic, who won the presidency in April.

"Cat People" is constructed almost entirely out of fear. It exists on eight or nine sets, the running time is only 73 minutes, it has few special effects, there are no major stars, the violence is implied or dreaded but not much seen.

Yet the film, made as a B picture for only 5,000, became RKO's top grosser for 1942, bringing in million, compared to the studio's "Citizen Kane" at 0,000 in 1941.