Showgroups not updating

Display Index property value not being updated at the time of Column Header Reordered event * Fixed bug in hit test invalidation optimization causing slower redrawing when mouse moves over large control with many items and columns * Fixed item deselection when clicking on client area * Fixed item selection by clicking on group header * Removed beep when no item is found though single keypress (keyboard search) * Fixed keyboard search * Fixed keyboard search with 'Substring' setting and single keystroke * Fixed rare but possible Null Referece Exception in On Mouse Up method * Suspend Selection Changed renamed to Suppress Selection Changed * Fixed selection display when Full Row Select is false in Details view * Fixed grid lines display when Header Style is None in Details view * Fixed closing floating window in Samples Explorer * Fixed Visual Studio Toolbox integration on Windows XP * Added HScroll Height, VScroll Width properties * Fixed unnecessary redrawing during Mouse Move * Fixed possible exception when invoking context menu on an item by mouse * Fixed multi-line text when Text Trimming is set to None * Fixed public constructor parameters being obfuscated * Added owner drawing support for drag selection * Added data binding customization * Added separate product activation utility * Added Better List View Hit Test Info.Mouse Position property * Fixed unhandled exception on web request timeout when activating over web proxy * Added separate column auto resizing for column header, column content or both (Better List View Column Header Auto Resize Style changed to flags enum) * Fixed Double Click and Item Activate not raised when the redrawing takes too much time between successive clicks * Fixed Combined Items * Fixed check boxes and expand buttons of children in combined items being inactive * Fixed combined item not being properly measured when its child has been made invisible * Fixed insertion mark display on combined items * Fixed online activation from behind a web proxy * Fixed binding Data Table in the Data Binding sample * Fixed unnecessary refreshes during binding a table with multiple columns * Added possibility of changing label being edited by setting Label property in Before Label Edit and After Label Edit Cancel event data * Improved Visual Studio Toolbox integration for more versions of .While only one user can sit in front of the screen and use the keyboard at any one time, any number of users can log in to the system through the network.To use the system, each user should have their own user account.NET Framework, including Client Profile * Fixed possible Null Reference Exception during clicking on column headers (negative mouse cursor coordinates probably due to mouse movement) * Added 'Search Highlight' feature * Added Search Highlight, Search Highlight Color, Search Highlight Border Color, Search Highlight Text Color properties * Added Better List View Search Options.Update Search Highlight enum value * Added Better List View Sub Item Bounds.Both were fairly vanilla apps made using the built-in app wizards, the C one containing a dialog with a list view, and the C# one being the same but with a Win Form. Okay, I'll admit that the C one was more annoying to write, because programming a Win32 list view directly is a lot of gruntwork.

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Therefore, I had to sit down tonight and figure out how you could make a standard Win32 List View update so slowly that a 1541 drive could almost keep up with it. I'm too lazy to reboot into Windows 7 right now.) The way I ended up debugging this involved parallel C and C# apps.

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* Fixed scrolling when all items are unselectable * Fixed drag selections (not all intersecting items were always selected) * Fixed sub-item focus rectangle display in Details view when Full Row Select is false * Fixed sub-item background display in Details view when Full Row Select is false * Fixed text highlighting not updating properly after automatic column resizing * Added column unsorting by middle mouse button * Fixed hit test on items in List view * Added overlay image alignments support for columns and items in Detail view * Fixed dragging empty selection when Multi Select=False and user dragged item with Control key pressed * Added sub-item check boxes and radio buttons support * Added support for custom disabled check boxes and radio buttons * Fixed Object Disposed Exception being raised when closing Form right after clicking an item * Fixed Remove Search Highlight to work in item hierarchy * Fixed drawing of group header when the group is focused by keyboard * Fixed disappearing items after scrolling and item reordering in Large Icon view with multi-line items * Added integration with Visual Studio 2013 * Added custom date format support in Better List View Date Time Picker Embedded Control * Added Item Reordered event * Fixed Find Items With Text method call when working with invisible items * Fixed saving form after editing tooltips in Windows Forms Designer * Fixed sorting of items with missing sub-items or Key set to null * Fixed pixel precision bug in column selection * Fixed proper scrolling on combined items using Ensure Visible method * Fixed drawing item selection on Mouse Up in some cases (click directly on text of previously selected item in Details view) * Fixed search highlight in other than Details view * Fixed search highlight on multi-line items * Added Hot Tracking property * Added Smooth Scroll property * Improved responsiveness (optimized control refreshing on control state transitions) * Fixed Better List View Column Header.

However, out of the box, the C app updated much more smoothly and didn't flicker madly.

I'll spare you the debugging details -- which include ILDASM, Win Dbg, Spy , two instances of Visual Studio, and tracepoints in x86 assembly while debugging in mixed mode -- but I managed to figure out what was going on.