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"We recommend you have a bra fitting at least every 6 months just to ensure you haven't changed size," says Suzanne Pentland from b.tempt'd.

"Diet, stress and exercise and hormones all effect our breast size so ensure you get fitted regularly." "A correctly fitting bra should sit firmly but comfortably around the body," explains Suzanne.

"The underwires should lie flat against the rib cage, and contain the whole breast.

The breast should be contained within the cup with no puckering or bulging in the cup fabric." Mimi Holliday's Sarah Jenkins adds: "Buy a bra on the loosest hook and eye to account for stretch; throughout its (long!

So yeah, there are tons of articles about how to maximize your size. The sensitive frenulum on the underside of his penis gets well-lubed love and, if you use your mouth to lick and suck his head when he thrusts, he will be a happy camper.

Make yourself just as happy by popping a vibe between your legs and pressing them together to hold it in place. Grab yourself a bra (push-up helps for this one), but, instead of putting your breasts in the regular way, slide the whole cup under your breasts so they're propped up fetchingly, leaving your nipples bare in case you want to slide them into his mouth.

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If you're quite petite on top (take note if you're usually a size 8 or below in tight tops), chances are you might be a 30 or 28 band, which you won't find stocked in most underwear shops.

"My boobs are too small for this shit." So for Mandy and the rest of the smaller-chested among us, today we celebrate the eternal perkiness that is your birthright.

Plus, you can get all vigorous without painful floppage. Small breasts are 24 percent more sensitive to touch than their larger cousins, according to researchers at the University of Vienna in Austria, who clearly run a pretty unsupervised operation. (Yes, I do mean A -cup and smaller.) Sit up, leaning back on cushions and smush together whatever you've got going on with your palms, wrapping your fingers around his penis firmly.

Butterfly your legs wider than normal too so he's getting one hell of a look at all your womanhood.

Plus, according to some dude named Andy on 's Facebook page: "For the smaller-boobed ladies, when you are on top and leaning down, they will appear and feel bigger to the guy. " So, yeah, give that one a go, especially if you happen to be dating Andy.