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Turns out, there’s a flag in Thunderbird’s extended configuration, that let’s you enable automatic sync of all folders. Start up Thunderbird, open the Config Editor (Tools -. Source of the solution was a KB article on mozilla Zine. To access my emails, I use Thunderbird and IMAP (no Gmail).I also make extensive use of server side email filtering/sorting. The most common way is to configure several folders for offline use and get prompted whether it should synchronize them when you tell Thunderbird you're going to work offline.

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Most users who have it installed will have their Thunderbird client updated to version 52.2.0 automatically.This article has not yet been updated to reflect changes in the latest release of the application, such as different menu sequences or feature options.Editors: once the article has been updated, please remove this message.Note: Be advised that the initial synchronization may involve downloading a substantial number of messages large in size.Some providers may impose bandwidth limitations, and there are reported cases where an account was temporarily locked down because that limit was exceeded during offline synchronization.