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Its origins are murky, so — like “the whole nine yards” and “the real Mc Coy” — it attracts just-so stories, some plausible and some less so.

At the “Boston English” section of the website Universal Hub, commenters will tell you that jimmies are named for the Jimmy Fund, the children’s cancer charity; for a kid named Jimmy who got them on his ice cream as a birthday treat (“they’re Jimmy’s”); for a mayor named Jim Conelson, or a Jimmy O’Connell who was extra generous with sprinkles; and for a guy who (maybe) ran the chocolate-sprinkles machine at the Just Born candy factory.

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Scroll down for more Reunion: The former cast when they reunited at an event in 2006, although not everyone made it The actress first found fame playing Donna Carter in the hit high school drama, which ran from 1990 to 2000.

She told, "Jennie is already on board for the series and we have been in touch about it.

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